Paige Houghton           G R A T I T U D E                Asheville, North Carolina

Each day I work in my little studio in West Asheville, I have so much GRATITUDE to be a working artist.  I still have the first vessel I made.  It was based a vision I had whilst undergoing radiation for a brain tumor.  Many days, I write a blessing on a slip of paper and place it in that first vessel...little snippets that remind me that blessings abound.  

What do you have GRATITUDE for in your own life?  What are your blessings?  What blessings will you note on a random slips of paper to fill your vessel?
My fiber art is at: Mountain Made Gallery in the historic Grove Arcade, in Downtown Asheville  and

                                Eco-Depot Marketplace in the vibrant River Arts Distric
Or drop me an email and we'll work together to create a piece for you.  One that captures a memory of Asheville, to give as a wedding gift, to commemorate a special occasion, or to give as a closing gift.

 I loved to work with you!