Wonderment Wednesday!

There is a plethora of wonderful places to see in Asheville.  A nature walk, a new gallery, a restaurant with a new twist, a stroll through a neighborhood to see the whimsically inspired garden.  

Today, however, "Wonderment Wednesday" happened at our home Oakland.  First, whilst watching Rowan, my almost four year old grandson, a simply pile of fall leaves entertained him for a long time.  Even providing a place to "hide" from Momma when she came to pick him up!  Simply pleasure in simple leaves, but he loved it.

Then to the studio!  Fall happened there, too!  I've just created some fiber vessels inspired by a few leaves from our own maple tree.   Below are pics of the fibers I selected with the leaves on top.   Then a pic of all those fibers sewn together.   And, finally, the completed vessel!