I guess vessels were a starting point!

So many people have commented about the way  light plays through my fiber vessels, and how they appear to be made out of stained glass Several people have said I'm the "Chihuly of Fiber"! !  Now that is a compliment.   

Stained glass, you say????  That made me cogitate on how spiffy  the stunned glass windows hanging in Asheville look.  Why not my fiber pieces hung as windows?   Sooooo....

I created an Appalachian Sunset piece, painted it,  and applied resin.  When that was dry, I did a very scientific test in the darkened studio, shinning my sewing lamp through the piece. Yep, like stained glass!!

Next, I grabbed my handy spouse, that dude that is ever ready for a new use for his expertise.  I had him build a 18 x18 frame.  Painted the finished frame glossy black and embellished the edges with a bronze rubbing.  I decided to suspend the fiber piece inside the frame with stained cable for a sleek look.

I finished it just before a Saturday demonstration at Mountain Made Gallery in Downtown Asheville.  The Gallery is in the Grove Arcade, one of my favorite place in Asheville!  I took the completed piece with me and was so pleased with the response.  Melinda hung the piece in the front window.  I think it looks stunning!