Why do I create art?

The other day, someone saw several vessels drying on our front porch.  Comment was:  

     "You still making those things?"  Uh, "Yes.".  

      Then: "What do you do with them?".  "People buy them", I replied.  

Today I've been busy in the studio, applying resin to a large Appalachian Sunset vessels....complete with the French Broad River, spilling down the mountains!  Whilst doing the very zen-like motions, I got to thinking about that conversation.

Why do I make art, and in this case fiber vessels and other fiber art pieces of fine art?  Because it is my Calling for this time in my life.   After a decade with a Legal Aid Program in another state, I thought I would find another non-profit to work with.  That my previous knowledge would be used in that capacity to make my community better.

But things shifted.  I found myself surrounded by the incredible beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the both quiet and roiling waters of that River.  By the colors of a sunset, or the flaming colors of a fall leaf,  

With that shift, I knew in my bones that my Call was not to be an advocate for others, but to create pieces reflecting Nature's beauty and majesty.  What if people could just catch a glimpse of beauty in their rushing to and fro?  What if that glimpse was sitting right in their home?   

The vision for these vessels came to me during radiation treatment for a brain tumor.   Scary, that.  But a Voice in my head told me that right, then, in that scary time my life was like a vessel,  and over flowing with blessing.  And that I should approach life with great gratitude.   

So often, I jot one of my daily blessings down on a slip of paper and place it in the first vessel I made.  Just to remember all my many blessings and to show gratitude.   And I hope that those people who purchase a piece will do the same.

So I create.  Scour the woods for color combinations.  Pull fibers together in pleasing pallets. Sew.  And sew.  Cast the finished sewn piece, and cover it with resin.  I can't stop.  An obsession?  No, just answering the Call from my little studio in West Asheville, NC.  One of my favorite places to be!  One vessel at a time...of glimpse of beauty.