Wonderment Wednesday

Yesterday was so full of surprises, and therefore, Wonderment.  Delivered a new window piece to #MountainMadeGallery in the #GroveArcade, #Asheville.  It is a stunning piece, and glad it is going in the front window.   

And here's the Wonderment part!   I met blown glass artist Jason Probstein.  What talent!  He'll be  creating hand blown christmas ornaments at the Gallery this Holiday Season.  Check it out at:  http://www.mtnmade.com/blog/2014/handmade-glass-ornaments-by-glassblower-jason-probstien/.

So  I am totally awed by this talented man....his work is in the Smithsonian, for goodness sake.  And he loves my vessels!  And thinks I'm ready for wholesale trad shows, such as those run by the legend Wendy Rosen.  I was so honored by Jason's compliments.   

They will be lighting the Arcade's trees and light this Friday....come and have some Wonderment of your own!