So I called a guy about a vision....

In this, my artistic journey, I get my color inspiration from nature.  But melding that inspiration into a vessel?  That comes from inside, my soul and heart.  I suppose it is the voice of my "artistic muse" speaking to me.    

For a while I kept hearing "resin" in my head.  Mayhaps a nod from my surfing days?  The other day, that voice could not be ignored.  I called Stephen St. Claire.  His studio is in Asheville's River Arts District.  Stephen's work is utterly luminous.  The way he conveys light is pure magic!  

Spephen was so kind to look at my work and did indeed confirm that resin might work.  And it didn't hurt to hear him say the work is good.   That made my day, for sure.

Stop in and see Stephen's work at The Wedge Studio, 115 Roberts Street.