Three generation make art!

There are artists in our family.  Creators.  Daughter Katharine can draw.  Her pencil sketches are amazing.  At least they were.  Her drawing is on hiatus because of family, work and school.  I remember those days!   Son Christopher does amazing art work that is subtly ironic and thought provoking.  He's had several shows here in Asheville.  Husband Patrick is a master carpenter.  Everyday went I see our beautifully restored bungalow, with the columns, repurposed 100 year old salvaged baseboards and window headers, I am in awe of his skills.  And really thankful I brought him along in this Asheville odyssey!  And then there is my Haydin, my now six year old grandson.   Whenever we get together,  it is art time!  He now sees art in a branch, a leaf, in water.   

But last Friday night will always be a stellar memory for me.  Melinda Knies, the owner of Mountain Made gallery in the Grove Arcade in Asheville is doing a brilliant project involving pubic art.  Each First Friday Downtown Art walk this summer, Melinda has place a canvas outside the gallery and encouraged the public to paint around the theme for the piece.  The pieces for this summer will be actioned off for the benefit of the Asheville Area Arts Council.  

So!  Christopher, Haydin and I worked on "Star Light, Star Bright" together.   Just amazing and a time I will always remember!  I am thankful.  So very thankful!