Wonderment Wednesday!

Today's jaunt was so much fun!  Took the "old dude" (read my husband, Patrick) with me.   We headed down to Asheville's celebrated River Arts District.  Believe me when I say there are so many talented and accomplished artist in the District that it is hard to pick just one to go see.  I could stay there all day absorbing the colors, forms and beauty in each studio.  

We went to Riverside studio.  Vast, cavernous brick building that has been opened up, with 3/4 walls separating the individual studios.

We met painter David Berry, who work in acrylics and oils.  David paints on wood.   The surfaces are sanded during the paint process, give different textures to different areas of the surface.   I particularily like the "horizontal bands of color" I saw in some of his work.  But this one, with a remarkable blue and contrasting orange was my favorite!