Wonderment Wednesday.......

A smudge behind here, to say the least.   Last week Patrick and I went to Biltmore Iron Works to source materials for the new line of "Fantasy Fiber Flowers".   Basket artist Matt Tommey, here in Asheville's River Arts District was kind enough to point me in that direction.   

We had a ball!  Saw so many things I wanted, and not for the flowers.  There was so many interesting, old and rusty shapes and sizes that I'm sure I could make an entire, huge piece of yard sculpture!

But wait!  Back to the flowers!  Will was so helpful.  Let me use his pencil to see how various sizes of wire could be wound into a stems.  

Turns out that when we got home, Darling Spouse had the perfect wire in his shop.   So I'm covered for the flowers.  Hopefully I'll resin them tomorrow and then assemble the first "bouquet" on Thursday.    

Check out Matt's fabulous baskets at:  http://www.matttommey.com.  He is indeed an artist!