Just coming up for air....

Last night, I sat down and made a "to do" list for today's studio work.  Busy day, for sure.  I finished the embellishment stitching for a 7.5 x 18.5 rectangle piece.  A white background, with golden interlocking circle.  To get the placement of the circles perfectly placed for the vase, there was lots of measuring against the actual vase.  The groovy thing about these pieces is that a lit candle placed inside, glimmers through the piece.  And since it's a vase, you could use it for flowers, too.   

Then the fun began!  Now I have several different kinds of gold metallic threads...like three.  Experimented with all three before I found the perfect one to swirl over the circles.   Perfect.  

The day was so quiet, and I just stayed in the studio creating.  Just went to a whole other place.  And zounds!  it is dinner time and  that going to be a tad late tonight.   Lasagne and red sauce, which I'll gladly wait for!