Last Friday.....A Day of Art!

Last Friday, I did not work in the studio at all.  And it's my favorite place to be!  BUT, it was a day all about art!  

Began at Green Sage at Westgate with my good friend.  It's our weekly "Coffee Class".   Meaning we solve world problems, talk books and movies.  Sharing our sewing adventures, and generally learning how to be to fabulous "old broads".  

We watched a photo shoot for the March Specials.  The was the sweet potato fries were nestled in the paper cone was so artistic.  And the butter coffee they treated us to was fabulous.  

Next I went along the French Broad River to Black Box Photography.  Steve Mann did some awesome work.  When I needed a photographer familiar with shooting art work, I called Blue Spiral Gallery.  They sent me right to Steve.   It's a pleasure to be a part of such a vibrant and helpful art community!  

A couple of people have called me the "Chihuly of Fiber" because the vessels really look like glass!  
The glass-like quality, can cause glare, which makes shooting them tricky.   But Steve is such an artist that the pics came out perfectly.  I'll continue to use studio shots and pics of work in progress on my web site, but am eager to use Steve's beautiful artist work there too!

Below is a large "Appalachian Sky" vessel.  Those colors are true, and represent the sky here in Asheville area.