What an Artistic Weekend!

Asheville is a well-known center for the arts.  I like to think of it as a "vortex of creativity"!  Seems like that vortex is concentrated in the renowned River Arts District.  I'm one of those artists.  Last weekend was the Spring Studio Stroll.  

Talk about exiting!  Studios are open, with many of use doing demos and talking to all sorts of folks about "why we do what we do" and how we do it.   I was at Eco-Depot Marketplace, working on the first layer of paint.  The piece I was painting is one half of the largest commission piece I've done to date!  Asheville sky and clouds, mountains, and my beloved French Broad River. 

Then I made a huge mistake!  Like spilling emerald green paint on on corner. I was frozen for a moment, but then quickly scooped it up.  I started blotting, but there was soooo much green.  When I got back from washing my hand, there was Shelley, the owner/artist of Eco-Depot calmly blotting it out.  In my frazzled state, I just stepped away.   Shelley kept working.  Buy the time I got back, not a trace of green!

The point of this story is that one of the best parts of being a RADA artist is the collaborative spirit among the artists.  I'm look forward to working with a couple of artist on joint project soon.   

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