A Stroke and broken bones....

I love the start of the new year...a clean slate, and all those possibilities.  In December, while working on the last commission piece of the year,  I outlined 2018.  So excited about a new exhibit, and several new techniques to use in the studio. Also a new vessel with lots of parts and pieces. I even did a little preliminary work on the armature for that vessel.

And then January happened! On the 8th,  I see Patrick walking across the kitchen, his body and face listing to one side, and his face going gray.  I realized he is having a stroke and call the squad.  Off we go to the hospital.   

By the time Katherine and I got there, they diagnosed a stroke.   They gave him a marvelous drug:  TPA.   Darling daughter and I sat there as the color came back to his face and all the “droop” went from his face and body.  He looked so much better by the time Christopher arrived.

This is the important part folks:  if you suspect a stroke, don't wait.   Get help right away. TPA works in about 30% of the population, but here's the important part,  TPA has to be given within a narrow time window of onset of symptoms.   

Patrick was really lucky. We were all really lucky.  It is not fun to sit with your children seeing your spouse like that.   But he walked out of the Neuro ICU unit a few days later, perfectly fine. He has to make some lifestyle adjustments, but he has a life to adjust.

And then January continued. The following Monday I fell and broke my arm. The kind of break where the bones come popping out through the skin.  This leads to being in the hospital for a few day getting IV antibiotics and this really horrible cast.  My cast is better now, but it was a battle persuading the doctor that it was too tight.  My fingers were turning purple and I couldn't move a couple of them!

So I'm not getting a lot done in the studio right now, which is hard because I'm so excited about these new ideas.   But I’m learning patience which is always a good thing, right? And it is okay to ask for help... thank you, Katharine, for tying my shoes. I also learned how to dictate on the Mac (My left hand can't do a darn thing) and that's why I can finally get this out there!

Here's to a marvelous rest of 2018….. a healthy 2018.