Wonderment Wednesday!

Today I didn't visit a studio or an artist.   But driving home I was full of wonder, nonetheless.  

When we first came to Asheville, I took some classes at the UNCA OLLI Center.   For a couple of years, every Friday, three of us met for "Coffee Class".   Whilst only two of us now, we still meet once a week.   Two "old broads" as we call ourselves, laughing loudly, crying at times, but boldly growing into this part of our lives.  Being ourselves, learning about spouses, children and grandchildren together. And I firmly believe, we could solve the problems of the world!  I am filled with such gratitude to have such a heart friend!

Today we were at Green Sage at Westgate.  Great coffee, and we love Beth and Nicole!

So if you're around Asheville, in some cafe and see us, stop by and introduce yourselves.