Wonderment Wednesday!

Today is one of those Spring days that calls one to be out and about!  My destination was the Asheville Arts Council in the historic Grove Arcade.  Downtown actually had a summer day feel:  people mingling about, eclectic music from the street musicians.  And the smells from the restaurants.  It is a mix of bacon, coffee, syrup, and baked goods.  I swear someone should bottle that fragrance and market it as "Eau de Asheville"!

The gallery inside the Arcade was so colorful!  Yarns and hats outside one shop, fruit and flowers outside another.  The Asheville Arts Council just moved to the Arcade last year, and what a tremendously smart move it was.  

Here's the intriging window: 

The Asheville Glass Center is in the River Arts District.  I've stopped by in the past on a Studio Stroll, and was blown away by the beautiful, light filled work of the talented artists.   I should put them on the "Wonderment Wednesday" list of fab places to visit! 

The Arts Council has artfully displayed many pieces, but this was my fav:


Now it looks like the spheres are lit from within.  But no:  it is from the lighting in the room, so it changes with the time of day or lighting used.  Just brilliant.  

I also got to see the wonderfully whimsical work of Jennifer Kelting.   Her dolls just made me smile.  Okay, I laughed out loud!  Each was a work of art that was sweet and funny.   Simply adore this one titled "She tore off her wig and danced with her future.  Now I don't wear a wig, but I so understand the message!

The Arts Council is such a valuable treasure to our area.  Not only do they have amazing contacts and resources for artists, but they are so helpful to the tourist interested in art.   I sat down with Kitty Love, the Director and chatted for a while about those resources.   

It was a fabulous day!  Really, truly  a Wednesday of Wonder!