Talking Art...A Follow Up

Another day of "talking art"  and demonstrating what I do is in the books.  Saturday at Mountain Made Gallery in the Grove Arcade, I was painting a sunrise and talking to people all the different fibers I use in my, wool, mohair, and bamboo, to name a few.

Downtown Asheville is quite the place for people to visit when coming to our City. I talked to folks from Fort Meyers on vacation.  A couple from South Carolina try out their new motor home.  People from Arizona in town for a nephew's wedding.  A lady from Austin here for a conference.  People from Winston-Salem, PA, MA, VA.  All over the place.

My two favorites, though, were the ladies from Charleston, who were there as "Art Appreciators" and the high school junior from MA who proudly showed me here collaborative entry into a state-wide competition.  It was a very remarkable portrayal of the Cliff Dwellers.  The kids signed that piece with their handprints, much like the artists of long ago.

So a big thanks to all the people who stopped by.  And if you are visiting our City, or if you live here, when you see a working artist, feel free to step up and chat! 

Below is a close up of a smidge of sky in one of my vessels.

Wonderment Wednesday!

Yesterday was awesome!  I got a "fix" of architectural wonder in Downtown Asheville. Before living here, whilst visiting, I always was intrigued by the Wick and Green Jewelry Building at the corner of Otis and Patton.  Now, I drive by it often, just in the course of daily travels, and when going to Mountain Made Gallery where my fiber vessels and window pieces are.

In a class at UNCA, I learned that the building was built as a gas station.  The facade has wonderful Art Deco work.  I stopped by and Josh was kind enough to give me a tour. I had no idea the building behind the shop was an addition.  The architect did a fabulous job of marrying the old, historical station with a modern, light filled structure.   

On both side of the bridge connecting the two structures, are wonderful stained glass pieces.  From both the front and back you can still see the imprint of the original service bays.  Outside, in the parking lot, is a wonderful old clock.  

The entire tour was so pleasing to me, to actually see inside and how the space has been utilized. And, let me tell you, the jewelry was amazing!  

As usual, Asheville never ceases to delight and amaze me!

Wonderment Wednesday!

I'm must be getting better!  I woke up about 2:00 a.m. with designs floating in my head.  And I felt so much better that I went Downtown, which I simply adore doing.  What a fabulous breakfast?  Stop in at Early Girl Eatery on Wall Street.   Need chocolate?  Haywood Street has the Chocolate Fetish.  

Asheville is a very walkable City.  You can follow markings embedded in the sidewalk and take a walking tour of the historic building.   And after that, if needs be, you can get a comfy pair of shoes at Tops on Lexington Ave. 

Today I stopped in at Earth Guild to pick up some gold, russet and copper paint.  After, I went to Malaprops for coffee and a bagel.  Now Malaprops is one of the best independent book stores in the Country.  It is so welcoming and the staff is helpful.  Seriously, I could have spent the day there, browsing a myriad of subjects, but that paint was wanted to be applied, so back to the studio.