Wonderment Wednesday!

Today I really, really wanted to crawl back into bed!  But, I've given myself each Wednesday to explore the wonderment in Asheville!   So I got myself in gear and went.   And I am so glad I did!

First, I went to Earth Guild in Downtown Asheville.   What a phenomenal resource for all things fiber.  I am working on a series of smaller vessels for American Craft Week in the beginning of October.  I am using a range of fall colors taken from some of the changing leaves from our maple tree, and Earth Guild has a wide assortment of perfectly dyed wool.   Here's the leaf I used on the sewn fiber.  

Then!  I went to the River Arts District to meet Diane English at the Great Cosmic Happy -Ass Card Company.   An artist who uses vibrant colors and design.  Her painting certainly come from her heart, and watched her work on a heart painting.    Diane paints because it is her call.  I so know that feeling, coming from deep within.  

So, who knows where next Wednesday will lead me.  I do know it will be filled with Wonderment!

Inspiration from a simple leaf!