Talking Art...A Follow Up

Another day of "talking art"  and demonstrating what I do is in the books.  Saturday at Mountain Made Gallery in the Grove Arcade, I was painting a sunrise and talking to people all the different fibers I use in my, wool, mohair, and bamboo, to name a few.

Downtown Asheville is quite the place for people to visit when coming to our City. I talked to folks from Fort Meyers on vacation.  A couple from South Carolina try out their new motor home.  People from Arizona in town for a nephew's wedding.  A lady from Austin here for a conference.  People from Winston-Salem, PA, MA, VA.  All over the place.

My two favorites, though, were the ladies from Charleston, who were there as "Art Appreciators" and the high school junior from MA who proudly showed me here collaborative entry into a state-wide competition.  It was a very remarkable portrayal of the Cliff Dwellers.  The kids signed that piece with their handprints, much like the artists of long ago.

So a big thanks to all the people who stopped by.  And if you are visiting our City, or if you live here, when you see a working artist, feel free to step up and chat! 

Below is a close up of a smidge of sky in one of my vessels.

Talking art!

One kewl thing about the Asheville art community is the joy we artist feel in sharing the "why" of what we do.  This past Wednesday, I went to the Summer Solstice Celebration at Eco-Depot Marketplace.  Lots of folks stopped by from the Community, but there were many artists there, too. 

We shared our "whys" and "hows", and our joys in where we are at in our respective journeys.  Amazing stories from open and creative people.

Tomorrow I'll be Downtown at the Historic Grove Arcade, at Mountain Made Gallery demonstrating what I do and talking about my personal "why".  For me, it's all about Gratitude, and that vision of a vessel I had while having radiation therapy.  Folks alway ask how I came to creating fiber vessels, window panels and lamps.  So many, upon hearing the story, fall into my arms, telling me about their personal stories, or the stories of a friend, sister, mother.  It is a humbling experience.  And it is so much fun talking with kids about art!  So many of them love art and share their projects with me.  Believe me, I have so much Gratitude for these events.

So please come down tomorrow and chat.  The Arcade is beautiful, and there is always something going on Downtown!  I'll be there from 11:00-4:00.  Hope to see you there!

Wonderment Wednesday!

Today is one of those Spring days that calls one to be out and about!  My destination was the Asheville Arts Council in the historic Grove Arcade.  Downtown actually had a summer day feel:  people mingling about, eclectic music from the street musicians.  And the smells from the restaurants.  It is a mix of bacon, coffee, syrup, and baked goods.  I swear someone should bottle that fragrance and market it as "Eau de Asheville"!

The gallery inside the Arcade was so colorful!  Yarns and hats outside one shop, fruit and flowers outside another.  The Asheville Arts Council just moved to the Arcade last year, and what a tremendously smart move it was.  

Here's the intriging window: 

The Asheville Glass Center is in the River Arts District.  I've stopped by in the past on a Studio Stroll, and was blown away by the beautiful, light filled work of the talented artists.   I should put them on the "Wonderment Wednesday" list of fab places to visit! 

The Arts Council has artfully displayed many pieces, but this was my fav:


Now it looks like the spheres are lit from within.  But no:  it is from the lighting in the room, so it changes with the time of day or lighting used.  Just brilliant.  

I also got to see the wonderfully whimsical work of Jennifer Kelting.   Her dolls just made me smile.  Okay, I laughed out loud!  Each was a work of art that was sweet and funny.   Simply adore this one titled "She tore off her wig and danced with her future.  Now I don't wear a wig, but I so understand the message!

The Arts Council is such a valuable treasure to our area.  Not only do they have amazing contacts and resources for artists, but they are so helpful to the tourist interested in art.   I sat down with Kitty Love, the Director and chatted for a while about those resources.   

It was a fabulous day!  Really, truly  a Wednesday of Wonder!






Wonderment Wednesday

Yesterday I walked around the Grove Arcade, Downtown Asheville.  Saw so much interesting art incorporated into buildings.  Many of  people who came from Europe to work on the Biltmore Estate and their sons worked on the old brick buildings.  Just the patterns in the placement of the bricks is beautiful.  

So amidst all these magnificent structures, I found a "fairy forest", tucked into the sidewalk.  I have no clue as to who created it.  But it was a whimsical piece of art.   That is one of the reasons I love is everywhere.  From fabulous galleries and studios to a simply sidewalk

Three generation make art!

There are artists in our family.  Creators.  Daughter Katharine can draw.  Her pencil sketches are amazing.  At least they were.  Her drawing is on hiatus because of family, work and school.  I remember those days!   Son Christopher does amazing art work that is subtly ironic and thought provoking.  He's had several shows here in Asheville.  Husband Patrick is a master carpenter.  Everyday went I see our beautifully restored bungalow, with the columns, repurposed 100 year old salvaged baseboards and window headers, I am in awe of his skills.  And really thankful I brought him along in this Asheville odyssey!  And then there is my Haydin, my now six year old grandson.   Whenever we get together,  it is art time!  He now sees art in a branch, a leaf, in water.   

But last Friday night will always be a stellar memory for me.  Melinda Knies, the owner of Mountain Made gallery in the Grove Arcade in Asheville is doing a brilliant project involving pubic art.  Each First Friday Downtown Art walk this summer, Melinda has place a canvas outside the gallery and encouraged the public to paint around the theme for the piece.  The pieces for this summer will be actioned off for the benefit of the Asheville Area Arts Council.  

So!  Christopher, Haydin and I worked on "Star Light, Star Bright" together.   Just amazing and a time I will always remember!  I am thankful.  So very thankful!   

Downtown Art Walk at the Grove Arcade in Asheville

Public art rocks!  This summer during the Downtown Art Walk, Melinda Knies, owner of Mountain Made Gallery in the Grove Arcade invites those strolling by to paint.  Several painting have been done over the summer, and they will be auctioned off at a later date for a local Asheville non-profit.  How cool is that! Below is a snippet about this event from the Gallery Newsletter.

Join MOUNTAIN MADE as We Present Another

Wonderful Month of Live Art Demos by Our Local Artisans

The month of September continues our interactive art project during the Downtown Art Walk on September 5th from 5PM to 8PM.

The painting project is open to the public – basically anyone who happens to stray by our lures of colorful pots and paintbrushes!

The theme for this month’s painting is “Star Light, Star Bright”.  
Come by Friday evening to smear, dapple and paint your version of “Twinkle, Twinkle Star”. Remember no talent is required – just dip, paint and go!
While the Moon is technically not a twinkling a star - it does shine very bright on Tuesday, September 9th.

This full moon is called the Full Corn Moon by some Native Americans tribes because their corn was harvested around this time of year.

However, it is better known as the Harvest Moon, immortalized in the 1908’s pop tune, “Shine on Harvest Moon”.

This particular full moon got its nickname because in September, moonrise comes in the early evenings and shines brighter, longer - which actually does help farming crews to bring in the fall crops!

While we won’t be open late on Tuesday for the Harvest Moon, we do invite you to come by the gallery Friday evening during our “harvest hours” from 6-8PM to paint, have a bit of fun browsing the latest works from our artists and snik-snaking on some light refreshments.


So!   Friday will be lovely weather - come and be creative, enjoy the smashing work done by local artists, enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants around the Arcade, and stroll under the stars!