What a Fun Saturday!

Little did I know when I got this “honey “ of an idea that it would by fun to do an installation, that September is National Honey Month. I got the okay from Shelley Schenker, the owner of EcoDepot Marketplace in Asheville’s famous River Arts District. Then I upended the studio. It’s a tiny studio, and a large installation, so many fiber piece in progress had to be stored. And I got going

I set to work cutting rectangles from repurposed cardboard and painting them a nice honey-like color. Then my trusty sidekick (that would be Patrick) started turning the rectangles into individual hexagons, which were then attached together. Now the tricky part: attaching the whole piece to unused garden stakes. It did look like a honeycomb! It held together, and off we went to the Gallery!

We mounted the honeycomb in the front window, and that’s when the fun began! To make honey, we need bees, so I utilized the bees created by @ClaudiaMooreField. They are made from screen, of all things, and are just darling!

I delved further into the gallery to get other pieces. Paintings of nature by @SusanHanning, @RickSelf. and @SondraDora. Butterfly jewelry by @LeeMiller. Scarves represent nature by @PamGrangerGale and @LyndaSondles. There’s even a huge bee that’s perfect for the garden by @MattWalker. Added a bit of “bing” with a purple dragonfly by @LindaMartin!

So please come by next Saturday and have a beverage with us and help celebrate our Planet’s pollinators. Shelley has invited a beekeeper come, and @MarkSondals will be showing us how to make bee “hotels”. EcoDepot is a wonderful place to view a wide variety of art inspired by nature. I could also say it’s a “honey” of a place to shop!

And me? Learned so much in this process, and want to do it again!