Wonderment Wednesday!

Today I immeresed myself in one Downtown Asheville site:  the Kress Building!  Now I've been there oooooodles of time, viewing the many artists that are have their works there for sale.   I drive by the Kress several times a week.  I always realized that it is a very kewl old landmark in Asheville.   Come to find out, the building is a 1929 neoclassical design structure.

But!  I really concentrated on the beautiful terracotta craftsmanship on the facade of the Kress.  I saw marvelous "heart and dart", " reel and bead", and other workmanship that really make a statement.  The colors are rich and vibrant.  Those terracotta touches make the Kress a work of art in and of itself. 

Next time you are downtown, stop and look up at this treasure.  The Kress building is located at:  19 Patton Avenue.  

Then I came back to the studio and spent an inspired afternoon applying resin to several new vessels.  Pics later.

Can't wait until next week to see what treasures I discover!