Wonderment Wednesday, the Laurels, and my studio

The reason I do "Wonderment Wednesday" is to get myself out of the studio.  I waited and planned for years to move to Asheville.  The City is so full of historic buildings.  There are wonderful studios to visit, where all sorts of creative magic is happening.  Restaurants abound, full of food, so much of it freshly sourced from local farmers.    Bookstores (Malaprops!!) for a great cuppa and a read.   

So today, I grabbed a couple of past issues of "The Laurels of Asheville".  This monthly gem is full of local goings-on.  I actually made a list of places I want to travel to on Wednesdays.  "The Laurels" features articles on artists, musicians, authors, farmers, our growing brewery scene, and the outdoor wonders of this area.  If I didn't make a plan, believe me, I'd be happy busily creating in the studio!

Years ago, when I could only visit Asheville a couple of times a year, I'd grab a copy of "The Laurels" and dream about living here and all the wonderful things to do.  Now I live here, and rap my copy to see all that's going on!  And to plan "Wonderment Wednesday".   

On of my vessels did appear in "The Laurels" in an add for Mountain Made Gallery.  Someday, I hope there's an article on my creations!

Wonderment Wednesday!

I'm must be getting better!  I woke up about 2:00 a.m. with designs floating in my head.  And I felt so much better that I went Downtown, which I simply adore doing.  What a fabulous breakfast?  Stop in at Early Girl Eatery on Wall Street.   Need chocolate?  Haywood Street has the Chocolate Fetish.  

Asheville is a very walkable City.  You can follow markings embedded in the sidewalk and take a walking tour of the historic building.   And after that, if needs be, you can get a comfy pair of shoes at Tops on Lexington Ave. 

Today I stopped in at Earth Guild to pick up some gold, russet and copper paint.  After, I went to Malaprops for coffee and a bagel.  Now Malaprops is one of the best independent book stores in the Country.  It is so welcoming and the staff is helpful.  Seriously, I could have spent the day there, browsing a myriad of subjects, but that paint was wanted to be applied, so back to the studio.