Three generation make art!

There are artists in our family.  Creators.  Daughter Katharine can draw.  Her pencil sketches are amazing.  At least they were.  Her drawing is on hiatus because of family, work and school.  I remember those days!   Son Christopher does amazing art work that is subtly ironic and thought provoking.  He's had several shows here in Asheville.  Husband Patrick is a master carpenter.  Everyday went I see our beautifully restored bungalow, with the columns, repurposed 100 year old salvaged baseboards and window headers, I am in awe of his skills.  And really thankful I brought him along in this Asheville odyssey!  And then there is my Haydin, my now six year old grandson.   Whenever we get together,  it is art time!  He now sees art in a branch, a leaf, in water.   

But last Friday night will always be a stellar memory for me.  Melinda Knies, the owner of Mountain Made gallery in the Grove Arcade in Asheville is doing a brilliant project involving pubic art.  Each First Friday Downtown Art walk this summer, Melinda has place a canvas outside the gallery and encouraged the public to paint around the theme for the piece.  The pieces for this summer will be actioned off for the benefit of the Asheville Area Arts Council.  

So!  Christopher, Haydin and I worked on "Star Light, Star Bright" together.   Just amazing and a time I will always remember!  I am thankful.  So very thankful!   

Resin makes a remarkable difference!!!

Paige Houghton, here!  Wonderful day in the studio working on my fiber vessels with the resin.  I am getting more comfortable using this technique, and find it very Zen like in the application.   Below is a pic of a portion of a cast vessel without the resin.   Whilst beautiful, it has a very matte  look to it.   The second pic is the same portion with the first resin coat having been applied.   The visitor to Mountain Made Gallery in the Grove Arcade was spot on:   "it looks like glass"!   The hard part is not to touch them, but to be patient whilst the pieces dry!


without resin.....

without resin.....

With the first coat of resin, it really does look like glass!

With the first coat of resin, it really does look like glass!

Whilst it rains....

Paige here.   Just wanted to take a moment to comment on how zen like my afternoon has been.   Whilst the much needed rain pours down on Asheville, I've spent time creating a new fiber vessel for my next demonstration at Mountain Made Gallery on June 21, 2014.   The Gallery is in the Grove Arcade, Page Avenue, Asheville.   Creating art in public, in such a well known gallery is really a blessing for me!



People along the way.....

Just since I've been in Asheville, I've met so many amazing people.  Other artist, working in glass, wood, clay.  Amazing bank of diverse talent.    I've also met so many people who have been helpful in the "business" end of things.   Keith Bowman at Firefly Designs in the Flat Iron Building, downtown, who is helping with this site.  Sarah Benoit at JB Media Group, who teaches media classes for SCORE.  Melinda Knies at Mountain Made Gallery in the Grove Arcade, who is such a support for so many local artists.

But last Saturday whilst making art at Mountain Made, I met genuinely fascinating people, who I suppose are art buyers.   So here's to:   Dan, Joan from Indiana (Dan who says the fiber vessels look like taco shells), Becca, Diane, Bear and Mike, (for the orchid idea) and Sarah from Florida.   Sarah wanted to pick up her vessel on Monday before driving home.   It was special for me as an artist to know who purchased a piece, and to bless her and her home as I finished the piece.  Sarah, if you're reading this, hello the your DH, and "hi" to the queen of the house, the regal Yorkie, Sophie!   

I danced through Downtown!

At least that what it felt like!  

Mountain Made - Asheville Art Gallery .  It is in the Grove Arcade, which is a "must see" building when you come to town, and just a pretty neat place to hang out in general.  Like the Champagne Bar - with good coffee and so many books!

I used to try to make it to that gallery when we visited Asheville, because Melinda  always had such stellar handcrafted items by WNC artists.   I'm really honored to be one of those artists.   

So I talked to folks about my I came to make vessels, and how I do it.   I had the best time, and met so many great folks.  But one of the best things about the day was really getting to know the women that make Mountain Made such a special place.

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Today at Mountain Made Gallery

I took a new fiber vessel "Forest Floor" into Mountain Made Gallery for Melinda to see.   It is awesome working with such a kind and well versed gallery owner.   

"Forest Floor" looks just like a forest floor: greens and browns fields of color, flowing through the vessel's flutes.   This is my first piece with a lovely champagne colored ribbon added around the top.  In the next couple of days, I hope to create the companion fiber ribbon to add as a second layer.

Take a break and visit Mountain Made Gallery in the Grove Arcade in Downtown Asheville.  Melinda has a broad spectrum of jewelry, glass objects, pottery, metal and, of course textile made by North Carolina artists.   I'm proud to be one of the artists at Mountain Made!