Wonderment Wednesday, the Laurels, and my studio

The reason I do "Wonderment Wednesday" is to get myself out of the studio.  I waited and planned for years to move to Asheville.  The City is so full of historic buildings.  There are wonderful studios to visit, where all sorts of creative magic is happening.  Restaurants abound, full of food, so much of it freshly sourced from local farmers.    Bookstores (Malaprops!!) for a great cuppa and a read.   

So today, I grabbed a couple of past issues of "The Laurels of Asheville".  This monthly gem is full of local goings-on.  I actually made a list of places I want to travel to on Wednesdays.  "The Laurels" features articles on artists, musicians, authors, farmers, our growing brewery scene, and the outdoor wonders of this area.  If I didn't make a plan, believe me, I'd be happy busily creating in the studio!

Years ago, when I could only visit Asheville a couple of times a year, I'd grab a copy of "The Laurels" and dream about living here and all the wonderful things to do.  Now I live here, and rap my copy to see all that's going on!  And to plan "Wonderment Wednesday".   

On of my vessels did appear in "The Laurels" in an add for Mountain Made Gallery.  Someday, I hope there's an article on my creations!

Wonderment Wednesday!

Yesterday was awesome!  I got a "fix" of architectural wonder in Downtown Asheville. Before living here, whilst visiting, I always was intrigued by the Wick and Green Jewelry Building at the corner of Otis and Patton.  Now, I drive by it often, just in the course of daily travels, and when going to Mountain Made Gallery where my fiber vessels and window pieces are.

In a class at UNCA, I learned that the building was built as a gas station.  The facade has wonderful Art Deco work.  I stopped by and Josh was kind enough to give me a tour. I had no idea the building behind the shop was an addition.  The architect did a fabulous job of marrying the old, historical station with a modern, light filled structure.   

On both side of the bridge connecting the two structures, are wonderful stained glass pieces.  From both the front and back you can still see the imprint of the original service bays.  Outside, in the parking lot, is a wonderful old clock.  

The entire tour was so pleasing to me, to actually see inside and how the space has been utilized. And, let me tell you, the jewelry was amazing!  

As usual, Asheville never ceases to delight and amaze me!

American Craft Week

It's #AmericanCraftWeek! Imagine my surprise when reading our local #MountainExpress, there was my name listed as an artist demonstrating at #MountainMadeGallery.    Yes, I knew I was doing it, but the mention was a lovely surprise! Here's a bit from the American Craft Week site...."Supporting America’s craftspeople and products is so important. When we buy these beautifully made items, we are investing in our country’s traditions and enriching our own lives. The economic advantages are staggering, from creating local jobs to building creative, lively communities." So check out a local gallery in your neighborhood, visit an artist's studio. Buy a piece created by hand, from the vision of another person. Remember....the holiday's are coming!