Last weekend I started a "Spring Makeover" of my space at Eco-Depot Marketplace.  Bless my spouse, Patrick, for helping out.  Let me tell you, what I don't know about electrical things is, well, a lot!

Looks soooo much better.  

Folks, if you haven't been to Eco-Depot, stop by soon.  It is on Depot Street, in Asheville's River Arts District!   There are over 50 local artists showcased in a marvelous old brick building.  

Wonderment Wednesday...

..which happened on Thursday and is being posted on Friday!

Wednesday, I went into that "vortex" of art, of working in the studio on two pieces being gifted to special people in my life for Yuletide.

But Thursday I got out and headed to the River Arts District to see Matt Tommey and his spectacular baskets.   Spent some time just talking art and creativity with Matt.  He gathers all his materials, and has so much "stock" neatly organized in his studio.  There are sticks, kudzu, twigs, copper tubing, all waiting for the artist's vision and touch.  Nice to watch him working on hard clay pot, patiently painted those piece.  Matt's studio is at 191 Lyman Street....stop by an see in work.  And check out his website:


Wonderment Wednesday!

Today I really, really wanted to crawl back into bed!  But, I've given myself each Wednesday to explore the wonderment in Asheville!   So I got myself in gear and went.   And I am so glad I did!

First, I went to Earth Guild in Downtown Asheville.   What a phenomenal resource for all things fiber.  I am working on a series of smaller vessels for American Craft Week in the beginning of October.  I am using a range of fall colors taken from some of the changing leaves from our maple tree, and Earth Guild has a wide assortment of perfectly dyed wool.   Here's the leaf I used on the sewn fiber.  

Then!  I went to the River Arts District to meet Diane English at the Great Cosmic Happy -Ass Card Company.   An artist who uses vibrant colors and design.  Her painting certainly come from her heart, and watched her work on a heart painting.    Diane paints because it is her call.  I so know that feeling, coming from deep within.  

So, who knows where next Wednesday will lead me.  I do know it will be filled with Wonderment!

Inspiration from a simple leaf!

So I called a guy about a vision....

In this, my artistic journey, I get my color inspiration from nature.  But melding that inspiration into a vessel?  That comes from inside, my soul and heart.  I suppose it is the voice of my "artistic muse" speaking to me.    

For a while I kept hearing "resin" in my head.  Mayhaps a nod from my surfing days?  The other day, that voice could not be ignored.  I called Stephen St. Claire.  His studio is in Asheville's River Arts District.  Stephen's work is utterly luminous.  The way he conveys light is pure magic!  

Spephen was so kind to look at my work and did indeed confirm that resin might work.  And it didn't hurt to hear him say the work is good.   That made my day, for sure.

Stop in and see Stephen's work at The Wedge Studio, 115 Roberts Street.