It's a Wonderment!

I have always be intrigued with creativity. What makes one person a writer, another a painter? A novelist? A musician? I think it comes down to what that little voice whispers in your ear. Then of course, are you listening?

Call that Voice what you will - God, Universal Energy, Goddess , the Flow. Whatever, for me, creativity is sacred work

So I try never to be without paper and pencil to capture an inspiration, should I hear it at, say, the gym. Or in the grocery store. And I read about creativity and famous artists. And being in Asheville, there is a tremendous amount of creative energy. The artists I know love to share their knowledge and thoughts. But here’s what happened this week:

In 1992, Julia Cameron published “The Artist’s Way”. Since then, millions of people have read that book, done the exercises and daily pages, taken the workshops. It is a well-known guide to creativity. But, try as I might, I have never been able to finish the first chapter in all this time. But a few nights ago I knew I had to read the book,and knew right where it was!

I have finished that first chapter. The book is speaking to me now. And now I keep seeing other references to this work here and there.

I don’t know what the lesson I’m to learn from this is. But I’m listening, for sure!