Some thoughts on the process...

People often ask me when I am demonstrating "where do you get your ideas?".   So many come to me from what I see around my beautiful city of Asheville, NC.   The water flowing in the French Broad River is a favorite.  I love making the white stitching and applying the silver beads representing frothy water cascading down the Blue Ridge Mountains!  Close to my house is Carrier Park.  I often stop when out and about and walk a couple of miles.

The French Broad River, Carrier Park

The French Broad River, Carrier Park

Then there are the sunsets!  And the sunrises!  When I was imagining our life in Asheville, I envisioned having those views from a porch.   Well, I see both from the wee bungalow we restored.

Walking at the Botanical Gardens one day, I was captivated by the complex colors and textures on the ground.  Rocks, evergreen needles rhododendron leaves - all with a smattering of sunlight glinting through the lush canopy overhead.

And my garden is full of ideas.  This past spring I made "Poppies" and a "Peony".   

So I guess I see inspiration everywhere here in Asheville....even in my own back yard!