Wonderment Wednesday!

I like to post in "Wonderment Wednesday" about wonderful things I see around Asheville.  Believe me, there are so many!  But today, right in my studio, I'm overwhelmed with wonderment!  

Most of the time, I make pieces I like, inspired by the beauty of nature in my "neck of the woods". But I really love doing commission work.  It's fun to create pieces for a specific window or space, taking into account the likes and thoughts of the clients.  If are hikers, I'll make a trail, and embellish it with chopped wild cherry root.  Pastures may get a scattering of oat grass.  I find this enormously creative and fun!

I've chosen local North Carolina wool, beautiful hand painted bamboo, and silk fibers.  

I've just started on three large window panels. Two are 24 x 39, and the third is 27 x 36.  Huge for my wee studio! Two are The Asheville home they are going to is so beautiful...full of meaningful art that is special to this couple.

I met with the clients last weekend, and on Monday, began sketching out the first two pieces.  They are so big I had to move to the kitchen and sketch on the floor.   Now, I make many "French Broad Rivers" in pieces.  It such a mighty river!  But this is such a huge river, it took me all afternoon to get it right.  Allowed for sweeps and swirls in the River.  The banks will have bit of oyster shell and sand.  Blocks for the rhododendrons and pine trees and an oak grove.   And a trail...the couple love to hike!  

These will take a couple on months, but I'm so filled with Gratitude to have the opportunity to take their vision, my vision and create!

Again, with Gratitude!

Wonderment Wednesday, the Laurels, and my studio

The reason I do "Wonderment Wednesday" is to get myself out of the studio.  I waited and planned for years to move to Asheville.  The City is so full of historic buildings.  There are wonderful studios to visit, where all sorts of creative magic is happening.  Restaurants abound, full of food, so much of it freshly sourced from local farmers.    Bookstores (Malaprops!!) for a great cuppa and a read.   

So today, I grabbed a couple of past issues of "The Laurels of Asheville".  This monthly gem is full of local goings-on.  I actually made a list of places I want to travel to on Wednesdays.  "The Laurels" features articles on artists, musicians, authors, farmers, our growing brewery scene, and the outdoor wonders of this area.  If I didn't make a plan, believe me, I'd be happy busily creating in the studio!

Years ago, when I could only visit Asheville a couple of times a year, I'd grab a copy of "The Laurels" and dream about living here and all the wonderful things to do.  Now I live here, and rap my copy to see all that's going on!  And to plan "Wonderment Wednesday".   

On of my vessels did appear in "The Laurels" in an add for Mountain Made Gallery.  Someday, I hope there's an article on my creations!

Wonderment Wednesday!

I'm must be getting better!  I woke up about 2:00 a.m. with designs floating in my head.  And I felt so much better that I went Downtown, which I simply adore doing.  What a fabulous breakfast?  Stop in at Early Girl Eatery on Wall Street.   Need chocolate?  Haywood Street has the Chocolate Fetish.  

Asheville is a very walkable City.  You can follow markings embedded in the sidewalk and take a walking tour of the historic building.   And after that, if needs be, you can get a comfy pair of shoes at Tops on Lexington Ave. 

Today I stopped in at Earth Guild to pick up some gold, russet and copper paint.  After, I went to Malaprops for coffee and a bagel.  Now Malaprops is one of the best independent book stores in the Country.  It is so welcoming and the staff is helpful.  Seriously, I could have spent the day there, browsing a myriad of subjects, but that paint was wanted to be applied, so back to the studio.



Wonderment Wednesday!

It became a fabulous, sunny day here in Asheville!  A perfect spring day.   I went to Black Mountain for the first time.  The drive was wonderful - the wonderful mountains were stunning, and the flowering trees are starting to bloom.  

Took a walk on Cherry Street.  The street is lined with charming old brick buildings.  And the shops are wonderfully full of amazing hand crafted items, many of them made by local North Carolina artists.

Stopped in at Seven Sisters Gallery.  It is a very light filled space.  Ceramics, furniture, jewelry. Amazing.   Imagine my surprise when I ran into the work of John Wayne Jackson!  He is one of the featured artists in this month "The Laurels of Asheville", a must read for me each month.   John takes leaves - large and small and make beautiful pieces.  Some of the leaves he uses come all the way from the famous Huntington Gardens in California.  He calls his pieces "contemporary fossils"  And the colors he uses are magical!  So if you're in Black Mountain, stop by Seven Sisters and see his work.  Or pick up a copy of "The Laurels" and read more about this very talented artist.

All the natural beauty of the drive and the abundance of art made me ready to swoon!  Luckily, the Dripolator Coffee Shop was right there with a great cuppa and pastries!


Wonderment Wednesday!

It's raining here in Asheville.  So today's Wonderment Wednesday was seeing if I could finally post Steve Mann's awesome photo from last Friday to Facebook.  Had to take the computer into Charlotte Street Computer in order to accomplish this.   

Well, I spent five hours working on a new piece, all the while glancing over at the computer.   It's a "wonder" that with a bit of alchemy I turn soft fiber into glass like vessels and window pieces.  It's also a wonder that I was able to use Steve's photos on Facebook!

Wonderment Wednesday....a little late!

I am behind in these posts!  Last Wednesday,  I went to visit the First Baptist Church in Asheville.    Designed by the renowned Douglas Ellington, the structure was completed in 1927.   This architectural gem is modeled after Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, Italy.  His famous "feather motif" was first used in this building, representing the palm frond associated with Palm Sunday.  Lovely chat with Music Director, Clark Sorrells, who told me so much about this beautiful building.  Pic below is looking up at the dome and some of the details on the outside.  Can't wait to next Wednesday.   And there's sooooo much to see here!


Wonderment Wednesday!

There is a plethora of wonderful places to see in Asheville.  A nature walk, a new gallery, a restaurant with a new twist, a stroll through a neighborhood to see the whimsically inspired garden.  

Today, however, "Wonderment Wednesday" happened at our home Oakland.  First, whilst watching Rowan, my almost four year old grandson, a simply pile of fall leaves entertained him for a long time.  Even providing a place to "hide" from Momma when she came to pick him up!  Simply pleasure in simple leaves, but he loved it.

Then to the studio!  Fall happened there, too!  I've just created some fiber vessels inspired by a few leaves from our own maple tree.   Below are pics of the fibers I selected with the leaves on top.   Then a pic of all those fibers sewn together.   And, finally, the completed vessel!