It's not what you think it is!

Recently I answered a question on a group site.  The question was:  tell us something we don't know about yourself".  My answer was that my 2nd grade teacher took my box of crayons away because I kept coloring outside the lines.  And that now I'm an artist here in Asheville.   I included a pic of one of my fiber vessels...the first one I ever created.  This is the one I saw whilst having radiation therapy.  It set me on my path when we moved to Asheville!

best vessel!!.jpg

The comments humbled me, to say the least.  One comment was "I love glass".  BUT it's not glass!  It is colored wool, silk, and mohair sewn together, cast into shape.  Then there layers of paint and epoxy resin!   

So, things aren't always as they seem!





Yesterday I used four different colors of wool to create a sample piece.   Whilst the picture below shows the piece as flat, it will be a standing piece, representing the element "Fire".  It has not been painted, embellished or resined.  But when I put it up to the light, I really like it, especially how the light passes through it.  


I like it so much flat, that the next step will be cutting it up!   The finished piece looks good in my head, so I'm excited to try this!