Thoughts On Creating Commission Pieces

I find so much joy in doing commission work.  As the artist, I get to develop relationship with the clients.  If they are local, I even get to design the piece for space, considering the colors, geometric aspects of the site and seeing the furniture and other art work the clients have.

Currently, I'm designing three window panels for the greatest young couple.  There house is quietly elegant, without being stuffy!  Full of stunning pieces.   Because the couple are here in Asheville, I've had a chance to actually check the windows for how the light will come through, which really is exciting for my artist's mind.

It has been so much fun adjusting the approved sketches to the actual size, to source the various fibers (wool, silk, and bamboo), and to work on the layout.  Stretches my artistic "muscle".  

There are large pieces.  The first two are a rendition of our majestic French Broad River, done in two section.  It's 24x40!  Below is the "first draft" of the left window panel piece.

Close up and personal!

Today, I'm messing around with this website to add Eco-Depot Market Place as a venue where my art fiber art can be seen and purchased.  

This is such an exiting concept!  Recycled, repurposed items that are transformed into stunning art work.  Quilts, jewelry, yard art, paintings....oh my!  For me it is stunning to be working with so many talented artists.  I really believe Asheville is a "vortex of creativity"!

Whilst looking for a couple of pic, I came across this one of a close up showing the colors on the rim of a vessel.  I love these colors!  And when the light passes through?  Like stained glass!

Eco-Depot is located in Asheville's River Arts District, at 408 Depot Street.   Stop by and check it out!

Today's Triumph!

Finished a "stubborn" base for a new, small vessel today. I love the combination of blue and green fibers together, with the several different, coordinating threads anchoring the fibers together.

The fun really begins after I cast the base into either a vessel, light, or window panel. I sweep layer and layers of green blue and bronze thread onto and out of the each specific colored field.

But the blue and green piece I've been working on for several days has just seemed like an uphill push.  Maybe it is because I'm a smidge under the weather.

The next piece will be a vessel.  I'm thinking it might want to be "The Flame".  Reds, oranges, yellows and golds!  We'll see!

WONDERMENT WEDNESDAY....through an artist's eyes.

I do and see so many fabulous things in my travels around Asheville.  And I get lost in the studio creating art.  I forget to blog about them, specifically "Wonderment Wednesdays".  And I need to take a breath and do better. So yesterday was Wednesday, and I went forth and saw a great Asheville store, and here's what I found.

I've been wanting to incorporate local organics into my art.  Now that idea came to me...a gift from the Universe, but I didn't know exactly what it meant.  These "directives" come, and are sometimes not too specific.  I have to be open to them and hunt them down - ferret them out, so to speak.

Yesterday, I stopped at The Villagers on Haywood Road in Asheville.   Wow!  Now this is a store for sustainable living.  Natalie has such a treasure trove of supplies:  additives for soil, tools for inside and outside your home.   Classes on all sorts of wonderful topics, such as canning and home dairy.  Stop by the shop, or check them out on line!


What I was over the moon over was the shelves of wonderful glass containers full of all sorts of botanicals.   Nettles, calendula petals, oat straw, rhodiola, beeswax, hibiscus, to name a few!   Now I could use those calendula for the banks of flowers along our roads in summer.  Oat straw and nettles could be fields.   Rhodiola could become dirt and mountain paths.   So I plunged in and brought those treasures to the studio.

So today, I am beginning to attach those calendula petals to a lighted pieces titled "Harvest".  I get back to you about how that goes.  But regardless of the outcome, it was a day full of Wonderment!


Wonderment Wednesday!

Yesterday was awesome!  I got a "fix" of architectural wonder in Downtown Asheville. Before living here, whilst visiting, I always was intrigued by the Wick and Green Jewelry Building at the corner of Otis and Patton.  Now, I drive by it often, just in the course of daily travels, and when going to Mountain Made Gallery where my fiber vessels and window pieces are.

In a class at UNCA, I learned that the building was built as a gas station.  The facade has wonderful Art Deco work.  I stopped by and Josh was kind enough to give me a tour. I had no idea the building behind the shop was an addition.  The architect did a fabulous job of marrying the old, historical station with a modern, light filled structure.   

On both side of the bridge connecting the two structures, are wonderful stained glass pieces.  From both the front and back you can still see the imprint of the original service bays.  Outside, in the parking lot, is a wonderful old clock.  

The entire tour was so pleasing to me, to actually see inside and how the space has been utilized. And, let me tell you, the jewelry was amazing!  

As usual, Asheville never ceases to delight and amaze me!

Wonderment Wednesday!

Today was really special to me.  I went to Izzy's Coffee Den to see a new art installation.  The cafe was full of people talking and working in a great atmosphere. Here's a smudge from the website that made me laugh".  Check it out at

"At Izzy’s all are welcome… Including but not limited to:

Punks, Rockers, Coffee Snobs, Caffeine Junkies, Indierockers, Emo Kids, Shoe Gazers, Gay, Straight, Questioning, Transgender, Macs, PCs, Hippies, Straight Edge, Hipsters, Squares, The Downtrodden, Yappers, Suits, Tourists, Locals, Average, Above Average, Below Average, Jocks, Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, Actual Seniors, Babies, Toddlers, Criers, Mumblers, Drinkers, Teetotalers, Artists, Posers, Liars, Dropouts, Lawyers, Brainiacs, Readers, Furries, Donnies, and Maries, Green-Egg Eaters, Possum Droppers, Man-Handers, 80's T's and Seersuckers, Floozies, Losers, Flappers, Bad-Choice-Makers, Deal Breakers…"

Ben, the owner made me the most marvelous cuppa Mexican Mocha.  I'm telling you, it was the best ever.  He told me that Izzy's make their own chocolate for their beverages.  Now Asheville has many chocolate makers, so I believe this speaks highly of Ben's dedication to the perfect libation.  

But wait...the point was this new art installation.  The artist doesn't use many colors in a piece, which only make the sharp graphics and text stand out.  His work is really thought provoking.  First you may chuckle....then you definately think.   Here's one of my favs:

Okay, the artist is our son Chris May.   You never know in which direction a life will take.  I never would have guessed Chris would be an artist, not knowing the boy that was.  But, I always told the kids to follow their hearts, their passions and creating this art, expressing his thoughts on canvas is one of his.   

On another note, one of the movies that has meant a lot to our family is "The Untouchables".  The world would surely run smoother if everyone with an idea would ask themselves "what are  you prepared to do", IMHO.   Chis made this awesome painting for my birthday.  I see it every morning, and ask myself just that question!

Stop in to Izzy's, enjoy the great art and have a cuppa!