Wonderment Wednesday!

Usually, I try to get out of the studio on Wednesday and visit another studio, a gallery, or some other kewl places around Asheville.   Hence the title "Wonderment Wednesday"!  The new issue of The Laurels is out, and it is always full of wonderful articles about restaurants, artists and things to experience here.

But today it is happening right here! Let me set it up for you:  Yesterday evening, I swept the leaves from the pavilion (read long covered space running along the side of the house).  It is always shady and cooler out there.  But leaves that look somewhat fall-ish?  And the light has changed, getting "thinner" is the way I describe it.  And last night I came dead on awake about 2:00 a.m.  clearly seeing a new piece, with fall leaves a-flame, a snatch of blue sky, green grass and a pond.  I had to get up and sketch it out...right then.  This is one of the benefits of having a studio at home, for sure!!

I spent the morning gathering various colors together and auditioning different placements for these pieces.  Adding some brown for tree trunks and limbs.  Find some great gray for rocks.   And do I have a mossy green?  It was so much fun, as I'd spent the last two day embellishing three pieces with layers and layers of paint!

So that's the wonderment!  Having a vision clearly come to mind, and beginning a piece that will reflect the beauty of fall!   

What I'm working on today....

....a vessel inspired by fall leaves.   My then three year old grandson again brought me some leaves.   They shouted "Fall" to me.   I scurried into the studio and pulled fibers inspired by those leaves.   The fibers were then sewn into one sold piece, becoming similar to fabric.   Next step it to cast the piece into a vessel.   I'll post more pics as I go along.  Really looking forward to a day in the studio....after the gym and Halloween preparations, that is!

Wonderment Wednesday!

There is a plethora of wonderful places to see in Asheville.  A nature walk, a new gallery, a restaurant with a new twist, a stroll through a neighborhood to see the whimsically inspired garden.  

Today, however, "Wonderment Wednesday" happened at our home Oakland.  First, whilst watching Rowan, my almost four year old grandson, a simply pile of fall leaves entertained him for a long time.  Even providing a place to "hide" from Momma when she came to pick him up!  Simply pleasure in simple leaves, but he loved it.

Then to the studio!  Fall happened there, too!  I've just created some fiber vessels inspired by a few leaves from our own maple tree.   Below are pics of the fibers I selected with the leaves on top.   Then a pic of all those fibers sewn together.   And, finally, the completed vessel!