Fiber and More Fiber has always been about fiber for me.  From the time when I was little, I have sewed pieces of fabric together.  Then I learned how to embellish fabric with buttons, embroidery floss and needlepoint yarn.  Learned how to do needlepoint, and at one time taught it

At one time, we  raised a herd of Angora goat:  we had about 150! We bred the goats to produce fabulous fiber for hand spinners.  Let me tell you, I miss those goats and that abundance of fiber now!

When I began creating vessels and then window pieces here in Asheville, I used wool and mohair.  Then, I started exploring using a wider range of fibers. The pieces now include: silk, bamboo, tencel as well as mohair and wool.

I’m really excited that 2019 will see the use of hemp fibers!  Also this year I’m hoping to begin to study the history and use of fiber.

Last weekend I started a "Spring Makeover" of my space at Eco-Depot Marketplace.  Bless my spouse, Patrick, for helping out.  Let me tell you, what I don't know about electrical things is, well, a lot!

Looks soooo much better.  

Folks, if you haven't been to Eco-Depot, stop by soon.  It is on Depot Street, in Asheville's River Arts District!   There are over 50 local artists showcased in a marvelous old brick building.  

Nice article about the arts in Asheville!

This AARP article thrilled me!  Asheville, my home town, is one of the best cities for art in the Country.  I have met so many of the talented artists and seen so many of the local galleries in my comings and goings around the area.   

The artist and galleries are so many different mediums.  Clay, paint, glass, metal....and of course, my fiber vessels!  Two common threads I've noticed:  the artist have such passion about their work, and their quality is so very stellar.

I'm proud to be a part of this artistic community!




Beginning this week.....

The past weekend, I continued to work on "Flame".  That describes the colors perfectly: reds, oranges, golds and yellows.  For the life of me, this piece will not tell me the shape it is wanting to be.  Haven't a clue, and everything thing I try looks cattywampus.  

So I've set it aside for a bit, and cast a new piece.  All in blues, golds and yellow.  Reminiscent of Van Gogh's "Starry Night", mayhaps.  This piece was so much fun!  From sourcing the wool and mohair fibers and laying them out.  Sewing was a dream, and so very zen-like.  Amazing how fast the time goes when this happens in the studio.  I love the interlocking gold circles with the swirls of yellow over them.  Rimming the edges with those colors just flowed!   And it "told" me exactly what shape it wanted to be!  

The next step will be the layering of paints: blues on yellows on golds.  Layers and layers.  This is so much fun!  Really looking forward to tomorrow!  And in the meantime, I'll keep "listening" to "Flame" to see if it is ready to be some shape!

Wonderment Wednesday!

Yesterday was awesome!  I got a "fix" of architectural wonder in Downtown Asheville. Before living here, whilst visiting, I always was intrigued by the Wick and Green Jewelry Building at the corner of Otis and Patton.  Now, I drive by it often, just in the course of daily travels, and when going to Mountain Made Gallery where my fiber vessels and window pieces are.

In a class at UNCA, I learned that the building was built as a gas station.  The facade has wonderful Art Deco work.  I stopped by and Josh was kind enough to give me a tour. I had no idea the building behind the shop was an addition.  The architect did a fabulous job of marrying the old, historical station with a modern, light filled structure.   

On both side of the bridge connecting the two structures, are wonderful stained glass pieces.  From both the front and back you can still see the imprint of the original service bays.  Outside, in the parking lot, is a wonderful old clock.  

The entire tour was so pleasing to me, to actually see inside and how the space has been utilized. And, let me tell you, the jewelry was amazing!  

As usual, Asheville never ceases to delight and amaze me!

I danced through Downtown!

At least that what it felt like!  

Mountain Made - Asheville Art Gallery .  It is in the Grove Arcade, which is a "must see" building when you come to town, and just a pretty neat place to hang out in general.  Like the Champagne Bar - with good coffee and so many books!

I used to try to make it to that gallery when we visited Asheville, because Melinda  always had such stellar handcrafted items by WNC artists.   I'm really honored to be one of those artists.   

So I talked to folks about my I came to make vessels, and how I do it.   I had the best time, and met so many great folks.  But one of the best things about the day was really getting to know the women that make Mountain Made such a special place.

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Today at Mountain Made Gallery

I took a new fiber vessel "Forest Floor" into Mountain Made Gallery for Melinda to see.   It is awesome working with such a kind and well versed gallery owner.   

"Forest Floor" looks just like a forest floor: greens and browns fields of color, flowing through the vessel's flutes.   This is my first piece with a lovely champagne colored ribbon added around the top.  In the next couple of days, I hope to create the companion fiber ribbon to add as a second layer.

Take a break and visit Mountain Made Gallery in the Grove Arcade in Downtown Asheville.  Melinda has a broad spectrum of jewelry, glass objects, pottery, metal and, of course textile made by North Carolina artists.   I'm proud to be one of the artists at Mountain Made!