Wonderment Wednesday!

There is a plethora of wonderful places to see in Asheville.  A nature walk, a new gallery, a restaurant with a new twist, a stroll through a neighborhood to see the whimsically inspired garden.  

Today, however, "Wonderment Wednesday" happened at our home Oakland.  First, whilst watching Rowan, my almost four year old grandson, a simply pile of fall leaves entertained him for a long time.  Even providing a place to "hide" from Momma when she came to pick him up!  Simply pleasure in simple leaves, but he loved it.

Then to the studio!  Fall happened there, too!  I've just created some fiber vessels inspired by a few leaves from our own maple tree.   Below are pics of the fibers I selected with the leaves on top.   Then a pic of all those fibers sewn together.   And, finally, the completed vessel!   


Resin makes a remarkable difference!!!

Paige Houghton, here!  Wonderful day in the studio working on my fiber vessels with the resin.  I am getting more comfortable using this technique, and find it very Zen like in the application.   Below is a pic of a portion of a cast vessel without the resin.   Whilst beautiful, it has a very matte  look to it.   The second pic is the same portion with the first resin coat having been applied.   The visitor to Mountain Made Gallery in the Grove Arcade was spot on:   "it looks like glass"!   The hard part is not to touch them, but to be patient whilst the pieces dry!


without resin.....

without resin.....

With the first coat of resin, it really does look like glass!

With the first coat of resin, it really does look like glass!

I'm a resin artist

Very exciting day in the studio!  I made a small blue and green fiber vessel to use as a sample.  Bravely, without overthinking things, I coated the piece with resin.  

It looks just stunning!  As if the vessel was made of glass, which was the point of the exercise.

Now the hard part....not touching it until is is DRY!  Then on to experimenting with paint and other embellishments.   I love this look!

An odd source

Artists have supplies, for sure.   I was straightening up the studio this morning before I cast a new fiber vessel.  I noticed a strange mix of items.  Things I never thought would be in my studio.   PVC pipe, washers, metal rods from Lowe's.  Beeswax paint that smooth and luscious to apply with my fingers (I have no clue where this came from!).   Bowls from the Goodwill and rocks from my garden to use in casting vessels.  

I had to laugh at what strange accouterments are accompanying me on this journey!

Art takes me to another place!

Last night I made a list of studio tasks for today.  Clean up the forms I use to shape the fiber vessels and window sill accent pieces I make.  Done!   Complete the smaller blue and green vessel.  Done.  Then I turned to embellishing  the second smaller vessel.   That piece is comprised of all the colors I see from my porch .... the colors of the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains that are all around me.   I used fabulous metallic purple and green paints, and gilded the fluted edges with copper paint.  Just stunning, if I do say so myself!  I'll post a picture of it once the finish is applied.    

A productive day in the studio, for sure.   And I look up at the clock and realize that it's time to start dinner.  Time just goes away when I'm in the creative mode!  A sure sign that I'm on the right path!