Things came crashing down....

I have taken on two huge projects for this summer and fall.  Very excited about both of these, and will share more later.  So I've decided that since I can't sew, I'll organize the studio.  I'm moving very slowly and being uber careful, as this fracture is a bit limiting. 

Now I have oooooodles of parts and pieces.....antique tickets, slick snippets, corks and keys.  My fav collection is in my "organic" box.   I store these treasures in various tins, and small, medium and larger boxes.  So I've spent a couple of very pleasant hours sorting and am now ready to put all the containers up on the top shelf.  Carefully I climb up on a chair and start putting things in order.

BAM!!!  In a mo, everything comes crashing down.  My antique square nails from the house renovation.  The box of organics splits open, strong out my bottle caps, elk feet,   The collection of sea shells, and the oatmeal container of knitting needles.  

Now I am thinking you might think this sounds like a hoarder writing, but no!  I consider this a sign of a well stocked studio, full of creative possibilities.  That said, it took me a very slow hour to get this all back together, and I figured Patrick can put stuff on the shelves.

Looking down to the floor on this hot mess, I decide to take a break.  A blueberry smoothie is sounding really good at this point.  Using my not so coordinated right arm, I get out the juice, the Greek yogurt, a banana and the carton of blueberries.  You know, the plastic, hinged type of carton?  Opened it and blueberries went flying all over the kitchen floor.  Literally, I just stood there for a mo, contemplating just how badly I wanted the smoothie at this point.  I decided to clean the floor and make that smoothie.  Fabulous!

Capped off the morning with a nap!