Downtown Art Walk at the Grove Arcade in Asheville

Public art rocks!  This summer during the Downtown Art Walk, Melinda Knies, owner of Mountain Made Gallery in the Grove Arcade invites those strolling by to paint.  Several painting have been done over the summer, and they will be auctioned off at a later date for a local Asheville non-profit.  How cool is that! Below is a snippet about this event from the Gallery Newsletter.

Join MOUNTAIN MADE as We Present Another

Wonderful Month of Live Art Demos by Our Local Artisans

The month of September continues our interactive art project during the Downtown Art Walk on September 5th from 5PM to 8PM.

The painting project is open to the public – basically anyone who happens to stray by our lures of colorful pots and paintbrushes!

The theme for this month’s painting is “Star Light, Star Bright”.  
Come by Friday evening to smear, dapple and paint your version of “Twinkle, Twinkle Star”. Remember no talent is required – just dip, paint and go!
While the Moon is technically not a twinkling a star - it does shine very bright on Tuesday, September 9th.

This full moon is called the Full Corn Moon by some Native Americans tribes because their corn was harvested around this time of year.

However, it is better known as the Harvest Moon, immortalized in the 1908’s pop tune, “Shine on Harvest Moon”.

This particular full moon got its nickname because in September, moonrise comes in the early evenings and shines brighter, longer - which actually does help farming crews to bring in the fall crops!

While we won’t be open late on Tuesday for the Harvest Moon, we do invite you to come by the gallery Friday evening during our “harvest hours” from 6-8PM to paint, have a bit of fun browsing the latest works from our artists and snik-snaking on some light refreshments.


So!   Friday will be lovely weather - come and be creative, enjoy the smashing work done by local artists, enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants around the Arcade, and stroll under the stars!