Wonderment Wednesday!

Today I immeresed myself in one Downtown Asheville site:  the Kress Building!  Now I've been there oooooodles of time, viewing the many artists that are have their works there for sale.   I drive by the Kress several times a week.  I always realized that it is a very kewl old landmark in Asheville.   Come to find out, the building is a 1929 neoclassical design structure.

But!  I really concentrated on the beautiful terracotta craftsmanship on the facade of the Kress.  I saw marvelous "heart and dart", " reel and bead", and other workmanship that really make a statement.  The colors are rich and vibrant.  Those terracotta touches make the Kress a work of art in and of itself. 

Next time you are downtown, stop and look up at this treasure.  The Kress building is located at:  19 Patton Avenue.  

Then I came back to the studio and spent an inspired afternoon applying resin to several new vessels.  Pics later.

Can't wait until next week to see what treasures I discover!

Resin makes a remarkable difference!!!

Paige Houghton, here!  Wonderful day in the studio working on my fiber vessels with the resin.  I am getting more comfortable using this technique, and find it very Zen like in the application.   Below is a pic of a portion of a cast vessel without the resin.   Whilst beautiful, it has a very matte  look to it.   The second pic is the same portion with the first resin coat having been applied.   The visitor to Mountain Made Gallery in the Grove Arcade was spot on:   "it looks like glass"!   The hard part is not to touch them, but to be patient whilst the pieces dry!


without resin.....

without resin.....

With the first coat of resin, it really does look like glass!

With the first coat of resin, it really does look like glass!

I'm a resin artist

Very exciting day in the studio!  I made a small blue and green fiber vessel to use as a sample.  Bravely, without overthinking things, I coated the piece with resin.  

It looks just stunning!  As if the vessel was made of glass, which was the point of the exercise.

Now the hard part....not touching it until is is DRY!  Then on to experimenting with paint and other embellishments.   I love this look!