The unique way I transform loose fibers into vessels, lamps and window pieces that appears to be stained glass speaks to people. Let’s take a picture of your favorite view and create a piece just for a special place in your home!

Or, we can match the colors of fiber to the colors you have chosen for your home. And it’s easy to custom fit a piece for a specific window, shelf or table!  

I do visit client’s homes in the Asheville area to actually get a “feel” of the architecture, woods used, and style of the site.  This can also be done with pictures via email.  We can work together, using a color palette that is pleasing to you and compliments your home.

My work is priced per square inch method, and all designs get your approval before I begin creating.  A 30% deposit is required.

Included with each completed piece are samples of the fibers and organics used and a collection of “progression”  shots of the work as it happened.

Let’s talk!

Interior designers

Take the colors in your client's pallet and use them to have a fiber vessel done, especially for them.  Imagine a table before a window showcasing a grand vista, with the light streaming in.  Now imagine that table with the piece below placed on it with that sunlight streaming though the fibers!

Appalachian Sunset

Appalachian Sunset