There is so much to see and do here in Asheville.   And smell.  I think Downtown Asheville oft times smells like a melange of bacon, syrup, coffee, and chocolate!  We are so fortunate to have some world class restaurants here!  And then, if you want to cook, an abundance of farmer's markets to select fresh ingredients from.   Lyrical music of all genres, fabulous art, and an array of beer.  We're not call "Beer City USA" for nothin'!  Come down and visit...stay in one of our magnificent hotels, inns or a county cabin!

Check out this fabulous site that is helpful in planning a trip to Asheville, or when you're blessed to live here, ooooooodles of great activities! Explore Asheville | Asheville, NC's Official Travel Site

Here's  a new video that showcases some of the delights that Asheville can offer!